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38: The Calm Passion of Adam Wilson, founder of Calmer Con, and Father of a son on the Spectrum

September 21, 2018

Adam Wilson is the creator of Calmer Con.  An event he developed to help kids with sensory needs experience the thrill of a comic book convention, without the overwhelm.  Adam’s son is on the spectrum, so at it’s core, Calmer Con is a mission of love for him.  And Calmer Con's first convention was great.  I know, becasue I was there!

(And yes, I realize this show is supposed to be about ADHD, but I tend to think of autism as sort of a cousin to ADHD, and many of the challenges are similar.  Not to mention, Adam’s story is so good that I just had to have him on.)

In this episode we’ll look at the struggles of parents who’s kids can be overwhelmed by sensory input, discuss the importance of acceptance, and maybe, just maybe, find the inspiration to do something big!


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In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Adam’s goals for Calmer Con
  • How Adam created Calmer Con
  • Connecting to a child with autism
  • Sensory challenges and the movies
  • The value of talking to experts
  • Why paraprofessional educators / teacher aides are amazing!
  • The Overstimulation/Anxiety Spiral
  • Different types of meltdowns
  • The Tale of Logan and the Ocelot
  • Sacrificing things you love to make something more important
  • How Adam workshopped elements of the convention
  • Star Wars Skill Drills you can do at home!
  • Evolving Calmer Con to better serve parents
  • The importance of opportunities for social interaction
  • The power of acceptance


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