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39: Taking a Break, Intervening Early, and The Importance of Thinking Twice with Robbin Miller, LMHC, mother with ADHD of an adopted child with ADHD

September 28, 2018

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Robbin Miller.  Robbin is a mother with ADHD of a child with ADHD.  She’s also a licensed mental health clinician, a college academic coach, and the author of a children’s book about early intervention playgroups.

We talk about early markers for ADHD, the steps Robbin has been taking to support her son ever since he was an infant, and the challenges she helps her college students with.


Blatant Plug:

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In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Robbin’s journey in adopting her son
  • Early intervention Playgroups
  • Markers for ADHD
  • Robbin’s experience with ADHD testing
  • How Robbin supports her son
  • Setting rewards and limits
  • Household responsibilities
  • The importance of thinking twice
  • Tips for College
  • “It has to be on their terms”
  • Robbin’s book, “Playgroup Time”
  • ADHD, Emotions, and taking a break


Guest Links:

  • Robbin’s book: “Playgroup Time” on Amazon.


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