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Two Dads Talking About Self-Care and Listening to Where Each Other is At, with Adam Wilson Director of Calm Passion, and father of a son with ASD, Anxiety, and ADHD

August 9, 2019

My buddy Adam Wilson is back on the pod! Adam is the founder of Calm Passion, a non-profit that creates sensory sensitive spaces to help those with sensory needs participate in events like comic book conventions and movie showings that might otherwise be too overwhelming for them.  He also runs Calmer Con, which is an entire pop culture convention Adam has developed for kids, adults, and families with sensory needs.

In today’s episode, Adam and I talk about the importance of having a consistent approach to how we handle our kids, the power reframing our struggles, navigating the isolation of raising a kid with special needs, including our kids on their support team, and going out to dinner to get on the same page as our partner.


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