ADHD Essentials

27: Music and ADHD Lessons with Richard Podgur, Music Teacher

July 6, 2018

Episode 27 features Richard Podgur.  Richard is a music teacher in private practice. He teaches all ages, toddlers on adulthood, but specializes in teaching kids with ADHD.  As I spoke to him I was struck by just how much Richard’s approach to teaching and managing kids with ADHD applied to situations beyond the teaching of music.  I think you’ll find many of the ideas discussed in today’s episode useful at home.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Getting kids to practice
  • Time as the great limiting factor
  • Shame and ADHD
  • Taking in the view from a mile up
  • Why ukuleles are better than guitars
  • The importance of creativity and imagination
  • Why kids with ADHD love music
  • Ways to manage kids with ADHD
  • How to help kids struggle through the early learning stages


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