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29: The Toxicity of Comparing Ourselves to Others with Kat, mother with ADHD of a Neuro-Typical Son

July 19, 2018


Part of today’s show includes our guest sharing a time of struggle, when she considered ending her life.  Obviously she didn’t, and we spend the majority of the episode on other topics, including some of the strategies she used to move past that stage, and being a mom with ADHD.  But I want to be mindful of my listeners, so I’m telling you in advance.  That said, I also recognize that shying away from such topics doesn’t help anyone.

People consider suicide when their emotional pain overwhelms their coping resources, often when they are in the depths of depression.

If you, or someone you know, is considering suicide:


This is episode 29.

Today, I’m talking to talking my friend, Kat. Kat is a single mother with ADHD, whose child is neurotypical.  She is among the strongest people I know.

In this episode, Kat tells us about her journey with ADHD and depression.  Along the way, she’ll share why she initially found her ADHD diagnosis to be so devastating, her 3 Ts of Thought, tips on co-parenting, and, of course, her love for her son.


In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Kat’s Journey with ADHD & Depression
  • Kat’s Three Ts of Thought and how they have helped her
  • Getting help for suicidal ideation
  • The moralization of ADHD and how it impacts ADHDers
  • Divorce
  • How shame can affect friendships
  • The wrong way to tell your kids they have ADHD
  • Being a mom with ADHD of a neurotypical son
  • The Cult of Being Busy


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