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30: “Talk to the Teacher” with Meg Flanagan, Author and Founder of MilKids Education Consulting

July 27, 2018

On the pod today is Meg Flannagan of MilKids.  Meg is a former teacher turned education consultant.  She’s a military wife, and she started MilKids to support military families, but it has since grown into a flourishing education blog. She’s also the author of “Talk to the Teacher”.

Her book is an outstanding resource for ADHD parents because of the sheer amount of structure it provides around communicating with school.



In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Similarities between
  • Questions to ask when homework takes too long
  • How long homework should take
  • Homework strategies
  • The lack of breaks and time to move for kids in school
  • Heavy Screen Use at School
  • Assigning playtime for homework
  • Navigating homework resistance
  • #1 Teaching Secret: Kahn Academy
  • How to effectively communicate with teachers
  • “New” Math is in Puberty
  • School in Japan vs. America
  • How the book supports school communication record keeping
  • What to do if the parent/teacher relationship becomes adversarial
  • Ways to keep the parent/teacher relationship from becoming adversarial


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