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48: An ADHD View from Down Under with Jon Hassall of Connect ADHD

November 30, 2018

Jon and his wife Monica run Connect ADHD out of Australia.  Jon’s a brilliant guy, and we go deep on multiple topics related to ADHD.  In today’s episode, we talk about how ADHD leads to our kids’ behavioral explosions, how environment affects our ADHD, the importance of science in ADHD.

I got to spend time with Jon (and Monica. Her workshop was excellent!) at this year's ADHD conference, and editing the show this week felt like I was reuniting with him. I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.


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In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Jon’s ADHD Origin Story
  • ADHD Coaches as the Missing Link for Big Pharma
  • How Jon works with his clients
  • ADHD & Potential
  • Why Scientific Studies spoke to Jon
  • ADHD & moments of connection
  • How & Why Brendan does his first sessions.
  • ADHD Explosions:  The Neurochemistry, and recovering afterward
  • Fight, Flight, Freeze, (Fib)
  • Forgiving & Fixing
  • The Underpinning of “We’re all good people”
  • Russell Barkley’s Extended Phenotype model of ADHD
  • Brendan’s Executive Function Algebra
  • Jon’s Performance Influences Model for Executive Function
  • The  Myths of ADHD
  • Monitoring your inner voice
  • Using Monitoring, Referencing, and Self-Direction to manage ADHD

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