ADHD Essentials

51: Gifted with ADHD, with Aurora Remember Holtzman, ADHD & Gifted mother of an ADHD & Gifted Child

December 21, 2018

Today, we’re talking to Aurora Remember Holtzman.

Aurora is a school psychologist, host of the “Embracing Intensity” podcast, and a twice exceptional mother of a twice exceptional son. They both have ADHD and giftedness. 

In today’s episode, we’re talking ADHD and giftedness through the lens of someone who’s living it.  We explore growing up gifted, impulsiveness vs impulsiveness, the value of teachers who “get” your kid, and the importance of learning to self-regulate as a parent.


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In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Growing up Gifted with ADHD
  • High achievers will achieve regardless of supports
  • Gifted kids struggling with Executive Function of Social Skills need support
  • The value of growing up with a foundation of acceptance and love
  • Adulting can be a challenge
  • Aurora’s son being too distractible to nurse
  • The effects of missing meds
  • Missing meds is not an excuse for poor behavior
  • Looking for the off-kilter reasons for behavior
  • Compulsive or Impulsive?
  • Looking at behavior through the lens of Dopamine
  • Relationships with teachers affects engagement
  • Exponential reactions to stressors
  • “Self Reg” by Stuart Shanker
  • It's hard to not escalate when your kid is melting down
  • The importance of learning to self-regulate as a parent
  • Weaknesses as the flipside of a strengths


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