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54: Being Outrageous to Keep Their Attention, with Lauren Mahan, teacher. (Special Guest Appearances by Nathan and Gavin Mahan)

January 11, 2019

Lauren Mahan is a fourth-grade teacher in Massachusetts, and my sister! That’s right, I’m celebrating the anniversary of the pod with family!  And since Nathan and Gavin are in fourth grade this year, and Lauren is their aunt, we had them sit in on the interview, and contribute their thoughts.  You’ll hear about 4th grade from both sides of the teacher desk.  (As well as on top of it!) 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Why teaching every kid like they have ADHD works
  • How costumes affect the classroom
  • The influence of Ms. Frizzle
  • Showing your work
  • "Sideways Stories from Wayside School"
  • Writing on desks in math
  • Teaching on tables
  • ADHD is more than one fire to put out
  • Teaching sarcasm and fidgets
  • The importance of recess
  • The power of class pets
  • ADHD & Anxiety
  • If the kids didn't learn it, you didn't teach it


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