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Event Planning Motherhood with Danielle Frisby of Unboxing Change, Event Planner & Mother of a Son with ADHD

September 19, 2019

Today, we’re talking to Danielle Frisby.  Danielle is the mother of a son with ADHD, and a Social Impact Event Coordinator.   Her company,  “UnBoxing Change” provides a voice to communities through membership driven engagement activity and involvement.

In today’s episode, Danielle shares with us how being an event planner has informed the way she approaches motherhood, including - why we should look at meals as events, the importance of dates, times and locations, finding the good no matter what, and figuring out ways to help our kids feel safe so they can have hard conversations with us.  And, she shares her son Jordan’s Ending Essentials to conclude the show.

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Guest Links:

  • Learn more about Danielle and her work with UnBoxing Change on

  • UnBoxing Change Mission:

    UnBoxing Change believes that​ ​Community​ i​ s the secret.

    UnBoxing Change was created to tackle the most pressing problems people face on the planet. We believe that​ ​“Community”​ ​is the key to solving these problems and that we, as members of this mission, are the agents of change that we all seek.

    UnBoxing Change understands that we are all responsible for our piece of the mission. From the Homeless to the Hungry; To the Left behind and the Forgotten-UnBoxing Change provides a voice to communities through membership-driven engagement activity and involvement.

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