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Finding Success in the Face of ADHD, OCD, and Tourette’s with Isaac, high school senior

March 8, 2019

Today, we’re talking to Isaac.  Isaac has ADHD, OCD, and Tourette’s.  And, as a senior in high school, Issac is the first person below the age of 18 that have been featured on the pod.  (Don’t worry, I got permission from his mom.) 

 As you’ll hear, he’s an incredible young man, who has overcome his varied challenges though hard work, resilience, ingenious strategies, and the support of his family and friends.  I greatly enjoyed talking to him.


In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Goal Setting
  • The blending of impulsivity and compulsivity 
  • Tourette's Syndrome
  • Overcoming stigma
  • Isaac's college planning
  • The value of social support 
  • Being driven
  • Isaac's use of running to manage his symptoms 
  • The power of Self-Acceptance 


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