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From ADHD Kid to ADHD mom & ADHD Coach, with Lollie Weeks of Fast Brain Coaching

December 20, 2019


Today, we’re talking to my friend, Lollie Weeks of Fast Brain Coaching.

Lollie is a wife, mother and business owner with ADHD, parenting two boys with ADHD, and she’s driven to help students, families, and adults navigate the ADHD superhighway!

In today’s episode, Lollie shares her experiences as kid, mom, and coach with ADHD.  We talk about empathic time travel, the power of fierce moms, why kids ruin sandboxes, the nature of ADHD coaching, and celebrating progress no matter how small.

NOTE:  This episode may sound a little different to you. It was recorded live at the Commonwealth Learning Center in Needham, MA.  As a result, there are some audio artifacts and background noises that don’t typically appear on my episodes, but I think it feels a bit more intimate, too.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it!  Please let me know what you think about this experiment in live recording by emailing me at

Special Thanks to Jeffrey Gordon of Ideal Video Strategies for his support on this project!


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