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42: Still the Kid Avoiding Her Homework with Rene Brooks of Black Girl, Lost Keys

October 19, 2018

Today, we’re talking to Rene Brooks from Black Girl, Lost Keys.

I always enjoy it when I talk get to talk to someone for the first time, but it feels like they’re already a good friend. Talking to Rene was one of those times, and it was a pleasure.  

With to her clear memory of childhood, and her thorough understanding of ADHD, she makes the experience of having the ADHD both understandable and relatable.

In today’s episode, we discuss all kinds of things.  From Rene’s journey with ADHD, to the extra scrutiny African American children experience in school and how that affects the ADHD diagnosis, to the importance of going with the flow of ADHD.  We even delve into the controversial land of whether or not ADHD is a superpower.  (But you’ll have to listen to find out how we fall on it.)

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In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Rene's Journey with ADHD
  • The origin of Black Girl, Lost Keys
  • The importance of common ground
  • ADHD & "Laziness"
  • How African American kids being more heavily scrutinized affects ADHD diagnosis
  • ADHD & the Age of Distraction
  • Time Blindess
  • Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
  • School as a Self-Esteem Shaper
  • Navigating the fear of failure
  • The Importance of Early Diagnosis


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