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20: Using the Voice as a Parenting Tool, with Tracy Goodwin, Voice Coach

May 18, 2018

We've all gotten stuck in the pattern of speaking to our kids in a way that is loud and too fast.  Especailly when the frustration and anxiety spike.  In this episode, voice coach Tracy Goodwin talks to us about how to break that cycle, and teaches us new ways to think about using our voice as a pareting tool so we can move beyond yelling.

Tracy Goodwin is a voice coach and owner of Captivate the Room.  Over the last 25 plus years Tracy has coached hundreds of people around the globe on how to step into their voice power, sound more confident, heal their voice story, free their voice and make an impact with their message.  Parents included.

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And if you'd like to be in the upcoming coaching groups, the email above is good for that too!  Regitration starts this Monday, 5/21/18.

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