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“What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew” with Dr. Sharon Saline, Clinical Psychologist, ADHD Expert, and Author

September 14, 2018

Dr. Saline is a licensed, clinical psychologist, who guides families from the maze of emotions, conflict and stress related to ADHD, toward successful dialog, interventions and connection.

Today, we're talking about her new book, What Your ADHD Child Wises You Knew.  There are many things that I liked about this book. But what I loved about it, is the way it’s framed.  Quotes and brief, personal stories from kids with ADHD are sprinkled throughout, to help us better understand the impact ADHD has on them, and, as you’ll hear, Dr. Saline does not shy away from addressing the emotional impact of ADHD.

I greatly enjoyed my conversation with Dr. Saline, and look forward to having more.  I'm certain she'll be back.


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In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Dr. Saline’s family history with ADHD
  • Solving the right problem, and starting with the problems that overlap
  • Managing technology & your child
  • The importance of getting your kid’s buy-in
  • Dr. Saline’s Five C’s of Parenting Kids with ADHD: self-Control, Compassion, Collaboration, Consistency, Celebration
  • The Importance of Bids in relationships
  • Shame & ADHD
  • Positive vs. Negative Statements
  • Pointing it out when our kids meet our expectations
  • Bedtime conversations
  • ADHD & Friendships
  • Strength-based thinking & Attentive Awareness
  • The vulnerability of ADHD


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